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Ea Ei Eo Fa Fe Fi Fo Fr Fre Ga Ge Gi Gie Go Gra Gre Greg Gri Gu

Ha Ham Har Has He Hee Henr Hens Hi Hige Ho Hol Holc Holl

Holle Hon Hot How Hu Hul Hur

I Ja Jam Je Jo Jon Ju Ka Kel Ki Kins Ko La Le Ledf Lee Li Lo Lop Lu

Ma Mar Mas Mat MCa McCan McCo McCoy McD McK McM Me Mi Mo Moor Mor Mos Mu

Na Ni No Nort O Om Ow Par Parr Pas Pat Pau Pe Penl Ph Pi Po Pot Pr Q

Ra Ram Ran Re Rees Rey Ri Rick Rid Ro Rod Rol Rop Ros Ru

Sa Sc Sci Se Sh Shep Shi Sho Shu Si Sim Sla Slo Sm Smit Smo So Sou Sp Sta

Stan Ste Stew Sti Sto Str Su Sw Ta Tan Te Th Thomp Ti To Tu U V Vi

Wa Walk Wals Wat We Wec Weld Wh Wi Wil Will Will2 Wils Wim Wo Woo Wor Wu Y Z


The Franklin Press covers Macon County, NC. The Clayton Tribune covers Rabun County, GA.

Images/text of obituaries on this site are from 1920 - present, linked by subject's name. There are currently images/text of over 28,000 of obituaries. Completed years are 1928-35, (1936 is not filmed), 1937-1980, 1982, 1984, 1986-1988, 1990, 1st half of 1991, 1994, 1998-present. (Clayton Tribune is from 2001 - present)

Many years are missing issues on the microfilm. January and December of many years are ragged from handling. In 1930, almost every week there is at least one article cut out of the paper. Many other years have items that were cut out. The 1967 film is very light on some pages that many were obituaries were illegible.

Below is a link to a very special obituary that was printed on the front page of The Franklin Press on February 22, 1940.

Old Buck

Below is a link to a the death of the hemlock tree that was in front of the old Munday Hotel printed in The Franklin Press on 31 May 1945.

Hemlock Tree

Below is a link to a the death of the cedar tree that was in front of Dixie Hall and was brought here from a Civil War Battlefield printed in The Franklin Press on 15 July 1948.

Cedar Tree


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